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Success Stories

My husband and I always looked forward to classes!

Judy with Wag & Train is fantastic! She is extremely knowledgeable and very patient with puppies (& people!). Our puppy, Barley, started in her socialization classes when he was 8 weeks old and just graduated from Good Dog Grade School. Barley has grown leaps and bounds with Judy’s guidance and weekly “funwork”. My husband and I always looked forward to her classes and will continue to foster his growth and obedience. Thank you, Judy!

Sarah W. Denver, CO

Good Dog Grade School-Great insight how dogs process real life situations



My dog and I responded well to Judy’s style that stressed positive interaction with all participants in the class. Judy explained the behaviors and how the training would improve the interactions between dog & owner. It was great to get an insight into how dogs process real life situations and how that knowledge can ease tensions. One of the most helpful things we learned was “Settle Down”, now when my dog gets excited because he knows we are getting ready to go out for a walk, he has structure. He knows he has to sit by the door, settle down, get his harness on, then he will get his life reward of going outside. If he gets too excited when the harness comes out, we wait until he has “settled down”. Judy also helped us understand that coming when called takes many repetitions and would have lots of external distractions to challenge my dog. He is much better but we will be working to reinforce the correct response for several weeks in progressively challenging distracting settings.

I look forward to enrolling in Good Dog Graduate School.

Jack W. Centennial, CO


Judy has done an amazing job with our two labs. She has been able to show that old dogs can learn new tricks and younger dogs can be trained to behave. She has even managed to train us humans as well. I highly recommend!

Jennifer Gruber Tanaka

I have worked alongside Judy for 7 years, and I highly recommend her for dog training. She uses only positive reinforcement/reward-based training and truly focuses on the individual needs of each dog. Sara is also a wonderful trainer!

Kari Bastyr

Judy is wonderful with dogs. Her patience and support with my rescue pup was so helpful and made our transition post-adoptions so much easier. I can't recommend her enough!

Rachel Cohen

Judy is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. Her help was invaluable when I was having difficulties with a new foster in the house. She also listens very well and I was impressed with how customized (and effective) her plan was.

Meredith Schultz

Judy is fantastic! I brought home my second puppy, Rue (a shepherd mix), at 8 weeks old from Lifeline Puppy Rescue and saw within the first few days that she was showing some aggressive behaviors.

Besides taking an immediate liking in our older dog, Rue freaked out and had fearful reactions to any other dogs walking by. If another dog, regardless of size or age, was within 20-30 feet of her she would run away screaming (literally crying so loud it sounded like she was being attacked). Rue would also get snarly and even bite us when she was frustrated, tired, or we were trying to move her away from something… and at 8 weeks old we got really nervous about what this could turn into as she grew up.

I immediately started to try to find puppy socialization classes for her, but got denied by two different groups when I reached out explaining her behavior. I was connected to Judy when she was working for Wag & Train, and she recommended we start with private in-home training and gradually introduce her to puppy classes.

Her methods worked wonders, and after our first session Judy encouraged us to come to her pawsome puppy class (an hour split between puppy play and beginner training). Rue was nervous in the first playtime and mostly hid behind our feet, but by the second week going she showed huge improvements, and after a few more weeks she was a transformed puppy and was greeting and playing with all the other pups in the room! She's gotten braver on walks too, and now gets excited when she sees most dogs, and when she is afraid she does well at getting redirected and continues on.

Meanwhile, in the 3 private sessions we had with Judy she gave us more targeted cues and areas to work on to ease Rue’s fear of bigger dogs and to reduce the snarling/aggression. Judy was great, with me being the overzealous puppy parent I probably sent her at least 5 email essays with whatever my latest concern was that week and Judy patiently sent me a detailed response every time! I appreciated the in-home sessions because Judy worked with us to help set up our home between the crate and pens to make sure it was supporting Rue’s training, and also spent time advising us on anxious behaviors with our older dog too.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Judy as a training, for both in home and group class settings. She was personable and patient, and made us feel very comfortable as she guided us on good training methods.

Beth Chappell

Judy helped us with our deaf puppy, Chip, for several months through puppy socializations, grade school, and adventure school. Every class, we learned something new about dogs and their behaviors so these classes were just as beneficial for us as they were for Chip. Judy was always very helpful and answered any questions we had, even outside of class and things we learned at class. We ended up getting private classes for our 9 year old blue heeler who has some problems with reactivity and over protectiveness and in just 3 classes, there have been many, many improvements. We had never been to a dog trainer before and because of Judy, we will always get training for puppies or dogs we may adopt in the future. Her classes are great and we enjoyed working with her!

Cheyanna Carbajal


Judy understands dogs. And she couldn't be any easier or more fun to talk to. She has guided us through house-training a resistant Terrier puppy, one step ahead of the puppy and 2 steps ahead of us. She has been invaluable. I got her name from a good friend I respect immensely who adopts rescue dogs - so I suspected Wag & Train would be top notch. And they are.

Catherine M. (Denver, CO)

We worked with Judy and are very impressed with her and the progress that our dog has made. Initially we had some anxiety about going to a trainer and feeling like we were failing, Judy put us at ease in our first session. She never judged us and helped us to have a better understanding of our dog and helped to ensure the success of rehoming our dog.

Marissa G. (Lochbuie, CO)

There puppy classes are great, Judy really makes an effort to make that your pup is comfortable and happy. We have gone to two puppy socialization classes so far and while our little guy is very cautious we have learned quite a bit about introducing him to new dogs, as well as much needed obedience cues.

Mariana D. (Denver, CO)

A very positive experience from puppy socialization classes to obedience training. We worked with Judy who was very patient, knowledgeable and informative. She made training easy and fun using positive reinforcement and the result is a very well behaved puppy. I would highly recommend Wag & Train.

Linda D. (San Francisco, CA)

We love Wag & Train! My husband and I brought our puppy, Knox - a Shiba Inu, to Wag & Train's puppy classes and grade school. Worth every penny. We worked with Judy and she was phenomenal. She organizes each class really well and was always sharing super helpful information. At the end of each grade school class, we got a one-pager that explained the commands that we learned, tips, and ways to improve. Even at drop-in puppy class, we felt like we walked away with a new skill each time. We had a lot of "a-ha!" moments with Wag & Train in which Judy helped us realize the root cause of our puppy's behavior. We saw noticeable improvements with our puppy's behavior and we felt well equipped with the skills to cope with typical puppy development. Thank you, Judy and Wag & Train!

Cait G. (Denver, CO)

When I moved to Denver I knew I needed to find a good trainer for my Dachshund mix Odie. Ever since I adopted him it was very common for him to nip at fingers or legs of anybody that walked into the house. I found a trainer I thought would be good, but they told me they wouldn’t train dogs that showed any signs of aggression. They referred me to Star Dog instead and it was the best decision I have ever made for my dog!

Judy is amazing, she starts out making sure that Odie was getting the proper nutrition and supplements so that he felt good and was more receptive to training. She really helped give me a deeper understanding of why Odie was behaving the way he was towards guests, and she helped give me all the tools I needed to make him more comfortable with people he didn't know. She is incredibly knowledgeable on dog behavior and positive reinforcement techniques. Odie has never been better behaved, and I know he will continue to improve as long as I keep following the methods that Judy taught us.

H G. (Santa Cruz, CA)

Having people over to the house is fun again. After moving to a new home our heeler, Taz, became very anxious when new friends would come by. Our other pup, Lincoln, would follow her big brother's lead and barking and lunging at our guests would ensue. It was stressful for everyone involved. Wanting to not deter their protective instinct, but teach our dogs to know when someone in the home is okay, I called Judy.

After just two sessions - and a crazy family and friend filled weekend - our dogs have a routine they can expect and rely on when guests come over. Rather than the dogs getting anxious and worked-up every time someone new walks in the door, their focus is on the job they have to do. Now when someone knocks on the door, there is no lunging, the barking stops within seconds, and in just a couple minutes everyone is calm, happy. I could not be more thankful!

Family of Taz & Lincoln

Rufus gives Judy 5 WOOF'S! She was absolutely amazing to help my human better communicate with me by understanding my anxiety and stress. She also has lots of yummy treats for me and I love treats!

Family of Rufus

Hi Judy,

I know it's been a long time...I hope that 2019 is going well for you! I wanted to write and thank you again so much for the work you did with Sochi and me. It has made a HUGE difference. Before working with you, I was so anxious to go on walks with him and had to have my head on a swivel all the time. Now about 95% walks are bark free which is so fabulous. He's even been able to walk calmly past people running which used to be a huge trigger for him. The visits at home have gone really well also. He has met several new people over the last few months with no major issues (he sometimes forgets he already met them and will do a quick bark but can be easily redirected). He's a much happier and healthier dog and I am just so thrilled that we're able to enjoy each other more.

Thanks so much for believing in us and giving us the tools we needed to succeed!

Wishing you all the best,


Judy helped with a custom training plan for our 2.5 year old border collie mix, Elbert, that had some issues with anxiety and needed some general manners training. She did much more than just get us a training plan - she really developed a relationship with our dog and asked comprehensive questions to understand him completely. She recommended things to aid in training that have shown huge benefits in a short period of time. She is an absolutely wonderful adviser and has helped us so much with Elbert. We'll definitely be consulting with Judy in the future as our pup family grows!!!

Eddie and Laura

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