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Pawsome Puppy School and Playtime

Welcome to Pawsome Puppy School, which is geared towards puppies 8-20 weeks.  Puppies can start at 8 weeks, or after their first set of vaccinations.

There is a critical socialization period for puppies that ends at 16 weeks of age, so it is imperative that you try to create a positive learning environment as your puppy grows. Merely exposing your puppy to a lot of things may not be enough- It’s HOW you do it that’s the most important. If your puppy is fearful, flooding him or her could lead to more behavior problems. This class focuses on how to create positive associations, increase bite inhibition, and build confidence without causing your puppy stress or fear.

Bite inhibition is a key component to teach while puppies are little, and puppies only effectively learn bite inhibition from other puppies (that’s why their teeth are so sharp!). We also focus on potty training, crate training, chew toy training, basis commands, and other common behaviors. Class will cover the following components:

Pawsome Puppy School   $125 | 5 weeks | 55 minutes

~ Puppy Playtime
~ Potty Training/Crate Training
~ Learning about Bite Inhibition
~ Proper Socialization
~ Gentling and Handling
~ Chewtoy Training
~ Off
~ Come
~ Sit & Down
~ Body Language and Behavior
~ Problem Solving/Tricks

Pawsome Puppy Playtime | Single Visit $10/ Unlimited $75 | Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays

Are you looking for a place to let your friendly, confident puppy socialize and play with other puppies? It’s an important time for your 8-20 week old puppy, and we offer a 25-minute supervised playgroup 3 times a week.  Parents must attend with their puppies.  You can come once, or come multiple times- the more you come, the more chance your puppy will have to play with different puppies. Plus, you can come to both locations if you’d like.

*This playgroup is not for puppies who are very shy, fearful, or have defensive/aggressive behavior. Those puppies are more suited for private sessions so we can work on confidence and decreasing anxiety.

DENVER:   City Bark, 2000 W 8th Ave. Denver, CO 80204
Saturdays ~ 10:00am
Mondays ~ 6:30pm

LITTLETON:  Southwest Vet Hospital, 250 E. Dry Creek Rd. Littleton, Co. 80122
Tuesdays ~ 6:30pm   

Pawsome Puppy School  $125
Pawsome Puppy School & Good Dog Grade School  $250

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